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10 Key Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 for your Business Enhancement

Microsoft Office 365 benefits helped users over 54.1 million who are also subscribers in 2021, as revealed in a report. When you talk about efficiency, productivity, and connectivity, the reality of our hybrid work environment exhibits the thriving continuity of technology unseen before. 

Every IT service provider is obliged to provide incisive digital transformation services that are bound to the business goals after all. Revealing the benefits of Microsoft Office 365, one of the prominent business software, it undeniably competes with other tech enterprises producing dynamic applications. 

Being abruptly practical, it provides innovative solutions that become customer-centric benefiting companies or enterprises or businesses of all sizes. We’ve joined you with this article to provide you with the key benefits of Microsoft Office 365 and help you find the best cloud-based software for your business. 

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10 Key Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 for your business

With undoubted flexibility, Microsoft office 365 benefits in two distinct formats, one in the subscription method, and the other in the “one-user per license” method. The cloud version of office 365 benefits in storage and capacity. 

Feasible access to multiple files and folders, and mobility to work from remote locations are some of the extendable unique benefits of office 365 post covid-19. Earlier, about 60% of the workforce mentioned their disconnection from their own team due to assorted reasons. 

Office 365, with its astounding benefits, boosted connectivity and productivity across enterprises and business groups, increasing the overall operational performance. 

The key benefits of Microsoft office include:

  1. Streamlined Cloud Document Management 
  2. Mobile Access for Anywhere, Anytime Productivity 
  3. Social Capabilities Supporting Innovation 
  4. Intelligent Process Automation 
  5. Efficient & Effective Communication Platforms 
  6. Internal and External Collaboration 
  7. Powerful Enterprise Search 
  8. Employee Experience and Engagement 
  9. Continuous Updates 
  10. Increased Returns on Investment 
  11. Fostering Innovation 

Streamlined Cloud Document Management

  • Most business groups or organizations already use Microsoft SharePoint or OneDrive for document management, which liberates the business data and enhances searchability, with tools for managing versioning history and user access. 
  • With cloud-based Microsoft 365 SharePoint services, the interconnection of the user’s interface makes it easy for them to manage documents in cloud-based libraries by encouraging seamless document sharing. 
  • One of the crucial benefits of Microsoft 365 is that it integrates SharePoint Online with Microsoft Teams. It’s communication-friendly and works tremendously for the interior connections within the company teams. 
  • Messaging your comrades with advanced Microsoft Teams features can change the entire management environment for good. 

Mobile Access for Anywhere, Anytime Productivity

  • Office 365 is completely packed with cloud computing power mobile applications making it feasible for employees to stay on track while working remotely. 
  • Microsoft Office 365 applications concentrate maximum on individual applications like word, excel & Teams, etc., and are budget-friendly, in fact, free for small mobile devices.
  • Based on your business requirements, one can set up these standard applications, and create a mobile digital workplace environment. 
  • One can create mobile applications utilizing Power Applications accessible from any device. Whereas other applications such as Planners, SharePoint & Microsoft Office OneDrive own their applications with flexible interactions required to deliver business goals. 

Social Capabilities Supporting Innovation

  • Social tools enable speedy interactions and increase the fluidity of social media in an organization. Most employees are proficient in utilizing the social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, etc., and Office 365 supports similar technology applications in the workplace. 
  • Social tools of Microsoft Office 365 require no learning and training, it’s a tool to have comments and threaded conversation that improves healthy conversations within the organizations. 
  • Microsoft Teams & Yammer (for large enterprises) including Microsoft 365 benefits allow organizations to set up diverse groups and use discussion threads specific to a department, line of business, or community of interest. 
  • It encourages employees to engage with the business organizations with questionnaires, quizzes, and other activities spreading knowledge to larger audiences. 
  • Rather than choosing to connect individually, or via bulk emails, Microsoft 365 Teams helps to retain knowledge and make it accessible to others with the same questions. 

Intelligent Process Automation

  • Many organizations express difficulty in managing and updating processes, but Microsoft Office 365 benefits with Power Platform with out-of-the-box online forms, workflow management and data storage capabilities that rapidly automate business processes.  
  • By utilizing Microsoft Teams and Dataverse, automated business processes can spin across the organization for better results. It also integrates various tools to pull actions from email as an integrated piece of execution within your workflow. 

Efficient & Effective Communication Platforms

  • When it comes to large organizations, communication covers a wide spectrum of activities which many of them initiate with teamwork solutions or a collaborative intranet. 
  • An enterprise intranet allows to deliver services and information, build your culture, and brand through a website, and provide a central hub for employees interested in overall initiatives and exploring resources. 
  • Microsoft SharePoint services are one of the most crucial and leading platforms to develop a corporate intranet and facilitate without the technical burden of managing your own server and on-premises infrastructure.  

Internal and External Collaboration

  • The Benefits of Office 365 tools provide the base to collaborate effectively with one another and external partners.  
  • While emails are considered perfect for recording information, sharing official documents, and creating an electronic record of an action, they’re an inefficient tool for other collaboration activities. 
  • Instant messaging, Microsoft Teams workspaces, and SharePoint Online sites offer better ways to share information. Integrating these tools enable organizations to have a multidimensional collaborative environment that breaks down the geographical barriers to productivity. 

Powerful Enterprise Search

  • For users who browse typically through file sharing to find documents and information, Office 365’s search functions are often more effective tools for finding and using content.  
  • The search capabilities have improved over a long time for a few large organizations by integrating the platform with a robust and cost-effective search experience. 
  • Microsoft 365 search capability emphasizes document management, social content, communication, and collaboration, assisting users to find content effortlessly. 

Continuous Updates

  • When your business is still into on-premises software, regular updates are compulsory. It requires regular maintenance, patches, and updates which is a huge task for the business to continue. 
  • The Benefits of having Microsoft Office 365 provides an ever-green platform with comprehensive properties and capabilities that are released monthly.  
  • Your IT team does not have to concentrate on it as Office 365 pays keen attention to it. 

Increased Returns on Investment

  • Cloud solutions aren’t new to organizations or business groups, yet with Office 365 cloud services you can rule all of them at once. 
  • Whether a non-profit mission or any other business, you can stop worrying about the customer experience, as Microsoft Office 365 teamwork, process automation, security & compliance enhances your CX like never before. 

Fostering Innovation

  • Fostering innovation is the hour of the present era. Every business wants to foster innovation to achieve its goals with impeccable results and progress. 
  • Utilizing Office 365 tools, one can drive your business towards innovation. Innovation-driven approaches with streamlined digital dashboards, and keeping track of the interactions. 
  • This results in employee interaction, collaboration, and empowerment regardless of their regions or locations. 

Office 365 IT Support Providers

Benefits of Office 365 come with limitations. As the software has borders, you can either consider using the application directly through Microsoft or take the support of Office 365 IT provider. 

The subscription adds on with limitations, and one can use it for 90 days, which indeed puts you in data loss unless you have backup cloud solutions. 

So, suggest you choose outsourcing IT backup support services only for the applications you require and pay for them. 

Is Microsoft Office 365 Good for Small Businesses?

Benefits of Office 365 come with limitations. As the software has borders, you can either consider using the application directly through Microsoft or take the support of Office 365 IT provider. 

The subscription adds on with limitations, and one can use it for 90 days, which indeed puts you in data loss unless you have backup cloud solutions. However, to ensure uninterrupted streaming of your favorite content, it is recommended to explore the best IPTV services available in the market.”

So, suggest you choose outsourcing IT backup support services only for the applications you require and pay for them. 

Benefits of Office 365 High-end Features from HexaCorp

HexaCorp’s Office 365 managed services support the business community by allowing it to maintain sustainable operations with 24/7 support desk, administering Office 365, Office 365 implementation or evolution, including customization, integration & migration. 

Forget about complexities in business by deploying our completely compatible Office 365 cloud beneficial Services.  We are Office 365 Consulting & Migrating providers assisting in feasible cloud & application operations. 

Our Office 365 Managed Services undoubtedly increase business productivity by enhancing collaborative benefits.   

Our Microsoft Office 365 solutions: 

  1. Higher IT and help deck productivity 
  2. ERP & CRM Business Process Optimization 
  3. Faster resolution of issues 
  4. Continuous improvement
  5. Reduced risk 
  6. Strong governance 

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Intelligent and Proactive cloud monitoring features are essential where disaster recovery stands at top of the priorities. Deploying secure Office 365 services enhances your business collaboration and productivity with the required assistance to teams. HexaCorp provides best-in-class Microsoft 365 benefits that you can choose to add with customized solutions. 

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