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HexaCorp’s Azure Cloud experts help you to plump for seamless business applications by optimizing costs with our supreme consultation. Schedule a consultation with us to relish multiple services with a perfect cloud strategy & accomplish your business needs.

Implementation and Migration

Transform your data, applications & infrastructure to HexaCorp’s Azure cloud services by initiating a proven cloud migration & modernization approach. Get a chance to detect cloud migration & modernization planning tools to accelerate business goals.

Managed Services and Support

Get ready to build consistent Azure cloud solutions with End-to-End Azure cloud managed services. With 24/7 HexaCorp’s Azure cloud management support, get your governance with AIOps-Powered Cloud Operations for agile cloud transformation services.

Cloud Security

Go for a seamless migration process encouraging data breach prevention with our advanced visibility & threat analytics by implying Hybrid Automation Data Security. Secure your cloud network with seamless cloud migration & instant deployment with our HexaCorp’s Azure cloud services.

Discover HexaCorp’s Distinct Azure Cloud Service Features

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services assist to organize existing applications & expedite
to build applications with unique cloud interface.

Customised Infrastructure 

Get to scale, migrate & modernize azure cloud services with HexaCorp. Personalize your business needs & transform to Azure IaaS to experience secure & scalable cloud services. We initiate & modernize with top-grade cloud infrastructure to attain a feasible migration process.

Managed cloud resources 

Microsoft Azure cloud services pave the way for modernizing on-premises, hybrid & cloud workloads. Azure managed cloud resources such as virtual machines, virtual networks & storage accounts associated with a single entity based on security.

On-Time Project Delivery 

Get your project delivery time on track by using the visualization options. The project delivery plan exhibits the scheduled work by sprinting against a calendar view. Ensure project delivery with HexaCorp’s Azure Cloud Services & coordinate for maximum profit.

Check real-time consumption 

With AI-Powered Azure cloud monitoring, you can check real-time consumption by obtaining detailed insights on availability & performance. Get updates alerts & out-of-box reports with improved user experience from Azure cloud service management tools.

Dedicated support 

Get to deploy secure, reliable & scalable Azure cloud services with Azure dedicated support that provides physical servers to host multiple virtual machines. It helps to address compliance requirements without sharing the workload capacity with the other customers.

99.9% Network uptime 

We assure you with a guarantee of Firewall security system that stays stable while deployed in a single availability zone. When you deploy in two or more available zones, it has the chance of staying available with 99.9% uptime network.

Reconstruct your IT Infrastructure with our World-Class Azure Cloud Services

Build Scalable infrastructure, stay best-in-class & progress your business performance with our Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

Innovate your cloud computing services anywhere with Azure cloud management services. Migrate, modernize & maximize your on-premises investments without any upfront commitment. Cloud infrastructure & Development costs less by offering flexibility to your workloads.
Leverage our Azure cloud services for your container needs. Lift & shift existing applications to container services on Azure cloud. Build microservices applications & utilize end-to-end developer tools including CI/CD to update & deploy container services on cloud for the applications managed & integrated.
HexaCorp’s Azure DevOps services help your business with smarter plans, collaborative network, and faster task management. Use proven agile tools for accurate planning, detailed tracking & discussion across teams with Azure cloud services.
Tools & services such as Azure Policy, Azure Blueprints & Microsoft Defender for Cloud enforce & automate your business governance. Utilize Security & governance benchmark tool to identify potential gaps between cloud governance approaches.
Azure app service assists in building complete web applications. After deploying Azure Cloud Services, find app services available in the Azure regions. Being cost-effective, it runs on multiple frameworks. Get help to build web applications, mobile backends & APIs in the programming language of your options.
Get your hands on data & analytics to simplify big data. With a fast & reliable content delivery network, it brings an end-to-end IoT analytics platform to monitor, visualize & analyze IoT data utilizing Azure cloud services.
Get your instant backup recovery with our DR services. Forget data loss & regain access & functionality to IT infrastructure after disasters from cyber-attack or business disruptions. Microsoft Azure Cloud Services offers end-to-end backup & disaster recovery to enhance business continuity strategy.
Combine your on-premises data center with public cloud to permit sharing between data & applications. We Azure cloud service providers help you in facilitating data transfer & migration according to your business needs.
Azure management & monitoring strategy aids in monitoring 100+ Azure resources & analyzing and tracking the entire performance of IaaS & PaaS services. Get complete visibility of your Azure applications to proactively identify errors.
Manage contemporary Azure database & have consistent Azure SQL experience with Azure cloud services. We help you migrate SQL workloads with SQL servers via Azure Virtual Machines. Modernize existing applications with Azure SQL databases.

Versatile Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions To
Meet Your Unique Industry Needs

Healthcare / Hospitals
Public Sector
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we go for HexaCorp’s Azure Cloud Services?

HexaCorp’s Azure cloud services provide end-to-end cloud services required for business needs. You can have 24/7 assistance from a team of experts to meet your challenges. HexaCorp offers an immense & scalable Azure cloud platform for your applications & APIs that’s universally available.

Is my Data secure & compliant with Microsoft Azure cloud services?

Of Course! Your data is safe & secure as we maintain data privacy & stay compliant about any circumstances. We also provide disaster recovery solutions to have a clean back-up with no sign of malware threats.

What kind of Microsoft Azure features does HexaCorp Provide?

HexaCorp provides reliable & scalable Microsoft Azure Cloud Service features that allow managing web applications & other infrastructure with ease. Here go the prominent features of our Azure cloud service:

  • Consultation Services
  • Implementation & Migration
  • Managed Services & Support
  • Cloud Security

Can I migrate from existing Cloud Provider to Azure Cloud Services without any data loss?

Yes, HexaCorp’s Microsoft Azure Cloud Services allows you to migrate from your existing Cloud Providers without any data loss & providing end-to-end industry-specific features & services to enhance your business operations with one-stop solutions.

What’s the difference between consulting and managed services in HexaCorp azure solutions?

At HexaCorp, we focus on delivering managed services for products meeting their business requirements. We’re also open to serving new businesses with our consulting Azure cloud services by providing head-to-toe services right from scratch.

Signify & Revolutionize your Enterprise with HexaCorp

Get most of your answers with our team of Azure Cloud experts with a serene approach & brisk results.

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