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Redeem all-in-one cloud solutions engaging with Microsoft CSP.

Direct Billing & Provisioning

Make your direct billing with pay-as-you-go process for the services you choose. Get personalized recommendations with the best practices of Microsoft Cloud Solutions. Take advantage of free products, where few products are free for a lifetime & few for a limited period.

Technical Support

Get your assistance 24/7 from the technical support team regarding technical challenges. We have vast support plans to emphasize your business connections. Our support plans for Microsoft CS include trial, testing & development, production workloads, business-critical functions & comprehensive technology support.

Migration Services

We help you migrate on-premises virtual machines to Microsoft cloud solutions with a unified approach. Start your migration by assessing with proper planning & insights. Modernize with a high return on investment (HOI) & innovation to manage progress.

Managed Service

Improve your margins by adding value to the customer base with our Microsoft cloud solutions. Build & research a business plan with evaluation tools & cost-effective prices. We the Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers endeavour opportunities to design, build, deploy & manage cloud services with the utmost preferable cloud solutions.

HexaCorp’s Microsoft CSP Features Undertake Industry Requirements

Utilizing the foremost features of Microsoft Cloud Solutions, meet industry standards made for your business.

Microsoft Expertise 

Hexacorp’s Microsoft expertise offers to design cloud & hybrid solutions to have seamless operations on Microsoft Azure. The solutions include computing, monitoring, network, storage & security. Transform business needs with secure, scalable & reliable solutions.

Tailored Service Plans 

Access tailor-made service plans with a set of computing resources for the web applications to run seamlessly. One or more apps can be configured to operate on the same computing resources. Each of Microsoft Cloud Service Plans define the Operating system, region, Number of VM instances, size of VM instances & pricing tier.

License Support 

Get an easy license for Microsoft Cloud with our new options. We implemented significant extensions to our outsourcing terms to benefit businesses worldwide. One can run the workloads possessing license support from HexaCorp including Cloud Solutions Provider Program.

Flexible Service Admin 

With flexible service admin, assign or unassign licenses for a self-service purchase subscription. For a few subscriptions, only you can cancel or renew the subscription. Get access round the clock as business expansion takes place.

Reduce Cost & Risk 

Manage cloud expenditure & reduce cost & risk related to Microsoft Cloud Solutions. Optimize your cloud costs by utilizing our tools & guidance that forecast bills & stabilize workloads as well as costs. We guarantee cost-effective solutions with innovation to the rise.

On-Going Support 

We provide On-Going support with technical team assistance to support businesses with confined access to billing & management support. Acquire a chance to learn answers to the queries to solve. Connect with community support like engineers & community experts for assistance.

Our Microsoft CSP Models Engage in Business Assessments

Triggering Microsoft Cloud Solutions for your Cloud computing needs.

Our Microsoft 365 acts as a business defender & provides end-point protection that’s easy to use & cost-effective. Microsoft CSP team essentials are affordable & aid in collaborating in secure & reliable manner.
Microsoft CSP’s Perpetual software license allows an individual to access the program & permits to hold a specific version of software program for a single fee. The perpetual license does not expire & the individual owns it.
Utilize benefits of reserved instance purchase in few steps. Get to gain automated Azure Reserve Instances with size flexibility. You can prioritize your region & choose monthly payment option at no extra cost.
Get access to Azure services at standard rates under the Microsoft Customer Agreement. Notification alerts pop up on your system according to the changes in the rates or plans. Also get to know any new services involved in Azure plan.
Purchase our Saas based technical solutions for Microsoft Commercial Marketplace. One can verify account numbers & enroll to become partners. Get your commercial marketplace account in Partner Center & plan a test & development Saas offer.
Enhance business efficiency with decreased operational costs by deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365. Grow & transform your business applications to Cloud with Dynamics 365 by empowering technology. Meet your next generation of CRM & ERP applications.
Get advanced machine learning and AI-based protection for malware threats & viruses. Procure endpoint detection & response with windows 10 E3/E5 license. We excel in monitoring, analytics & reporting with cloud protection including deep inspection & detonation.
Drive your business to the next level utilizing EMS E3/E5 license from Microsoft Cloud Solutions. We bring together best-in-class Enterprise Mobility + Security for intelligent cloud services. Connect, collaborate & work anywhere with best plans & pricing.
Find your server subscription license on Microsoft Cloud Solutions to use Windows server or SQL server on our Cloud Solutions. One can use SQL server & get the ability to that software in Azure through the Hybrid Use Benefit (HUB).

Microsoft Cloud Solutions That Fits Your Unique Needs

Healthcare / Hospitals
Public Sector
Government &


Frequently Asked Questions

I have an existing CSP provider. Why should I consider Professional Advantage?

You can have multiple CSP Partners. One can get administrative privileges too. HexaCorp’s Microsoft CSP license services take care of regulatory compliance, are adaptable to your infrastructure requirements, and follow Service-Level agreements (SLA) & flexible pricing plans.

How Can I Protect My Business with HexaCorp Security & compliant?

HexaCorp commits through secure & trusted collaboration with Microsoft CSP license services. We maintain Cyber-Security hygiene with specialized security & compliance skills and protect your business with comprehensive secured features along with compliance.

How does Microsoft CSP benefit Customers?

Microsoft CSP helps you from being overcharged & provides a lifetime subscription. HexaCorp’s pricing can be one of the most important & crucial benefits to customers. Beyond that,

here comes the list of a few benefits:

  • Flexible & agile licensing
  • Wide range of products
  • Feasible management
  • Microsoft enterprise at one click

Is it Possible to Migrate from existing Microsoft Cloud solutions to HexaCorp?

Yes, it’s possible to migrate from existing Microsoft Cloud Solutions to HexaCorp after some grappling & decision-making. HexaCorp informs you about the subscription & guides you with certain steps for the migration process.

What is the Customization pricing available in HexaCorp Microsoft CSP?

Yes, HexaCorp encourages customization pricing. We have our Microsoft CSP License service pricing at lower tiers & are open for customers to tailored pricing according to their business requirements. One can subscribe to our plans based on the services you require to scale your business.

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