Cloud migration and modernization is a tough job! Yes, you heard us right! But the best cloud migration and modernization with Azure makes it feasible and seamless with hassle-free cloud solutions. 

 Transforming your business to the cloud is necessary for this era as most cloud operations have grabbed customer-centric attention and upbringing profits. M365 business premium integrates a superior and profound set of services streamlining just like Azure cloud migration on the other hand. 

Mainframe modernization to cloud with Azure liberates many strangulated business performances. Over the last several years, we must admit the fact that cloud modernization has become a vital component of technology estates geared towards reducing costs, leveraging the industrial internet of things, visualizing operations, and delivering a quality customer experience.  

In this article, we drive you through insights into the Azure mainframe migration to cloud computing and cloud modernization that revolves around the business technology cloud performances in the simplest manner. 

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Overview of Azure Migration & Modernization Process

Why do Businesses Choose the Azure Migration and Modernization Procedure?

Enterprise-grade Infrastructure at low cost

The reason behind businesses choosing to opt for Azure migration and modernization procedure is to help customers accelerate their cloud journey with the exact path that suits their needs. Just like O365 benefits, here are some key characteristics where acceleration becomes feasible: 

Faster Innovation with a Completely Managed Platform

Trusted Cloud Security

Cloud security optimization assessment in Azure cloud modernization and migration helps customers count on Azure security to safeguard and protect data with a team of more than 3,500 global cybersecurity experts and over $1 Billion in cyber security investments.

Hybrid Flexibility

Azure’s hybrid cloud modernized solutions assist customers in managing environments that they have decided to migrate and modernize. The Azure architecture enables customers to consistently manage, secure and govern workloads that are sequenced to migrate later. 

Cloud Modernization & Migration to Azure Faster at Low Costs

Cloud modernization and migration inhibit low operational costs charging for the resources utilized and saving additional costs. Here’s the list of essential cost consideration factors for MS Azure cloud modernization & migration: 

  1. On-premises to Azure Cloud migration and modernization scope per server 
  2. Target application deployment options and timelines 
  3. Application migration readiness and lifespan to cover the scope of infrastructure, code and configuration changes. 
  4. Application complexities with their dependencies
  5. Transferable data volume
  6. Expansion of migration automation with software licensing cost. 

New Support Scenarios of Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP)

Azure cloud migration and modernization program assists customers in unlocking the benefits with accurate guidance from experts and best practices in their cloud journey. The motive of AMMP is to serve the requirements of customers for cloud modernization and migration throughout their cloud infrastructure, applications, and data estate. 

Here are the latest support scenarios in AMMP driven by customer requests: 



Azure Red Hat Open Shift:

They also procure advancing transformation strategies, right from cloud application modernization to workload migration. 

Cloud-Native apps:

Hybrid and Security

Enhanced migration and modernization tools and product capabilities

Azure Cloud Modernization Strategy

Azure cloud modernization is of three different strategies. They provide maximum value with minimum effort in the business. 

Process Modernization: The best way is to adopt a DevOps methodology that modernizes your business development and operations with Azure cloud migration & modernization services. This is the most crucial strategy to decrease the total cost of ownership of workloads. 

Application Modernization: Application modernization with Microsoft Azure includes the adoption of Paas solutions to modernize applications or frameworks. 

Database Modernization: Azure database modernization includes the adoption of Paas and Iaas solutions to modernize databases of any kind. 

HexaCorp's One-stop Solutions for Azure Migration and Modernization Program?


To simplify your cloud modernization and migration journey, Azure migration and modernization program paves way for best cloud practices and solutions. With enhanced cloud applications and tools, make your migration and modernization of cloud scalable, and flexible targeting your business goals. Try to find your best partner or managed service provider to help your business with entire cloud needs. 

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