Office 365 Security Optimization Assessment – A Game Changer in Data Protection

Being one of the largest Cloud Computing Service Providers, Microsoft 365 security assessment has taken a rapid pace in increasing its customer base and features.  

Office 365 security assessment has gathered customers by safeguarding sensitive information from frequently evolving cyber threats. It is not as simple as you think! 

Protecting sensitive information requires prioritized networking that keeps the data secure and maintains the customer’s trust. It is impossible to have a secure system of such complexity if security remains an afterthought. Office 365 security optimization assessment brings in effective security integrated during the initial design process. 

This article gives you complete information about Microsoft 365 security optimization assessment tools, and why it is so essential to your business. It also provides details on its robust threat detection system and how it ensures to maintain secure configurations. 

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What is SOA (Security Optimization Assessment)?

  • Most companies or organizations do not have an idea of cybersecurity risks and threat assessments. They do not have a clear understanding of assessments and proactive education that play a significant role in battling downtime. 
  • Very importantly, organizations must develop a strong network shield to strengthen their security postures, and SOA aims to help them. 
  • Office 365 Security Optimization Assessment educates organizations to develop an industry-recognized process and maintain a detection posture that helps respond quickly to changes in cybersecurity threats.  
  • O365 Security Optimization Assessment tools in Microsoft Office 365 Managed Services are great for organizations that provide cost-effective annual assessments of security structure and remediate major security risks. 

Microsoft 365 Security Assessments & Core Security Principles

The below core security principles of Office 365 security assessment lay as a base for protecting the services or organizations from threat detection, responding to threats, and security assessment posture by enhancing the services to pull out maximum results. 

Data Privacy: Organizations can own their data, and Microsoft acts as a custodian. Microsoft Office 365 managed services are well-crafted to operate the data unless and until the customer allows, requests, and approves to assess. 

Least Privilege: You can find the access and permissions limited only to the necessary tasks to be performed. 

Breach Boundaries: Resources from one boundary are restricted to other boundaries with identities and infrastructure. There should not be compromise between one boundary to another. 

Service Fabric Integrated Security: Security priorities and requirements are designed with comprehensive features and capabilities to ensure strong security posture scales. 

Automated & Automatic: Microsoft 365 durable products automatically and intelligently enforce service security with an ability to safely manage responses to security threats at scale. 

Adaptive Security: Microsoft 365 security capabilities come with enhanced machine learning models, routine penetrating testing, and automated assessments. 

Why Is M365 Security Assessment Essential for Business?

  • Microsoft 365 security assessment is an indigenous choice for various organizations that constantly upgrades security capabilities encouraging organizations with security conscious. 
  • It is evident that most companies are not concentrating on the security features which are already included in Microsoft licensing or are not using them at all. 
  • Most organizations are vulnerable when it comes to cyber security and O365 security assessments can improve their security posture. Of course, it is not only for technology but for processes, policies, controls, and standards. 
  • Microsoft 365 security assessment is specially designed to enhance your organization’s protection with improved cybersecurity features. 
  • It can be customized according to your organization’s environment and requirements and assist businesses to understand their security and take adequate action for data protection.  

What is involved in Office 365 Security Assessment?

  • Security and Access 
  • MFA Settings 
  • Identity protection 
  • Conditional Access 
  • Defender for 365 
  • Email Security 
  • Collaboration and external sharing 
  • External Collaboration Settings 
  • SharePoint Admin center 
  • Endpoint Management 
  • Exchange Online 
  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Secure Scores 

What are the Benefits of Office 365 Security Optimization Assessment?

Identifies Threats: Microsoft Office 365 security assessment provides complete insights into cyber attacks that the company or the organization is vulnerable to. It prioritizes the identification of cyber threats, cyber security risks, by mitigating risks for businesses. 

Assists in Investment Decisions: It provides a clear understanding of cyber risks within the organization and informs about your investments in technology and better security. It leaves your organization up to date. 

Fixed Cost: Microsoft 365 security assessment is at a fixed cost and usually fixed costs makes the process simple for identifying, responding, and remediating against cyber-attacks. 

Cost Effective: Office 365 security risk assessment can identify unused or underused cybersecurity features that protect your data and detach unexpected or unnecessary expenses. 

Compliance: The entire documents of the organization that has become a part of the services act as evidence for compliance and audits. It aids small & medium companies to satisfy their regulatory requirements with data protection. 

Why Choose HexaCorp?

HexaCorp provides one of the best Microsoft 365 security Assessment services with scalable and flexible identified infrastructure. It has well-developed cyber security features to detect threats and maintains a timely response with Office 365 security risk assessment tools that keep the organization active. 

Rapid And Comprehensive Microsoft 365 Security Assessment Services with HexaCorp

Automated Assessment: There is a chance for security posture degradation due to unintentional or intentional configuration but automated assessments with O365 security risk assessment tools constantly assess systems that are unpatched and misconfigured. 

Security Monitoring: Security Monitoring in M365 security assessment generates highly accurate alerts utilizing cloud computing solutions. All the detected threats are remediated with triggered actions at times 

Encryption: All the sources are encrypted. Microsoft 365 servers and non-Microsoft servers are encrypted followed by a regular review of ciphers and protocols in the use. Microsoft servers are encrypted using BitLocker. 

Access Control: Microsoft Office 365 security assessment protects your access from falling into the wrong hands. The access to data is only for limited resources and everyone cannot access all the data. In cases where direct access is required, it is strictly monitored with approvals. 


Are you ready to implement O365 security risk assessment in your business? If you would like to maintain secure data management, think of utilizing data protective systems that ensure your data or information is safe and has limited access to others. Choose Microsoft Office 365 security optimization assessment services to accomplish your daily tasks with extra protection. 

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