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We have created unique solutions for clients operating in the healthcare domain with an extensive experience in developing customized software for healthcare providers


Personalized Tech solutions for the Healthcare, Geared to Enhance Patient Well-Being & Operational Effectiveness

Our tailored solutions elevate the delivery of patient care and optimize operational procedures through the utilization of artificial intelligence, data analytics, IoT, AR/VR, and cloud computing.

Hospital Management Systems

Our comprehensive hospital management systems incorporate essential features such as electronic health records (EHRs), appointment scheduling, and insurance claim processing, empowering healthcare providers to access and manage patient information with utmost efficiency.

Electronic Health Record Solutions

HexaCorp provides tailor-made electronic health record (EHR) management solutions, uniquely crafted, meticulously designed & collaborated with healthcare organizations to personalize their EHR systems.

Fitness Tracker Information

We gather data, assess, and suggest possible fitness options through a system. Constantly monitor, manage, and track physical activities with the help of our connected applications and solutions.

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Tampa, Florida

Highly impressed with the level of expertise and dedication displayed by the team at HexaCorp. They would often meet our requirements within the time taken to address and resolve any issues.

Exposing the Impact of HexaCorp

Highlighting the remarkable healthcare digital transition with flawless and elevated managed IT solutions.

85% successful automated invoice processing with AI-Powered Platform Automation

98% streamlined workflow processes using Power Automation & Power Apps

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