On-premise to AWS Cloud Migration - A Step-by-Step Guide

How much cost savings can cloud computing networks like AWS managed services make? Fine! It is more than you can imagine. Managed cloud operations of AWS are specially designed to make your cloud requirements affordable, accessible & reliable by practicing regular updates, patching & security. 

Confined to cloud duties that assist in encouraging your business goals, AWS managed cloud services are recommended to choose from the best. Tackling cloud operations becomes easier when you adopt AWS for incidents and request responses. 

AWS managed solutions accelerate your business or enterprise by utilizing feasible cloud infrastructure for the deployment and migration of existing solutions and applications as well as for the development and release of new ones. 

This article brings you a clear picture of AWS managed cloud services and how implementing them can accelerate your business targets. 

Let’s go! 

What are AWS Managed Cloud Services?

Proficient features of AWS Cloud Managed Services

AWS managed services provide various features that make your workload flexible and hassle-free. Check out the most robust features of AWS to accelerate your business’s cloud operations in a futuristic way. 

Incident Monitoring & Resolution: This feature is event-driven and motivates any failed updates or security issues that might occur. These incidents can be resolved automatically or by the provider’s side. 

Monitoring & Logging: It logs all the activities and monitors their security by sending alerts and setting an opportunity for more customized alerts if necessary. All the logs are safely stored and can be accessed in case of requirement. 

Change Control: With Change control, AWS managed services take care of all the changes that happen to the cloud infrastructure. It eventually helps to make changes continuous to all stacks and not overlap. Above that, it holds all the change requests up until their approval. 

Provisioning: This feature of AWS managed cloud services is responsible for ready-to-use templates and best practices that saves a lot of time and effort for companies.

Patch management: Patch Management feature covers all the patching required, whether it is on the operating system side or the infrastructure application side. AWS makes sure that all the updates are installed on time and in alliance with the infrastructure of the software. 

Security management: With this feature, you can feasibly manage third-party applications and eliminate viruses and malware. It also ensures secure, protective, and time-limited access to production systems. 

Backup & Restore: It is responsible for easy and regular backups and restoring of data. 

Reporting: This reporting feature delivers constant monthly reports on all the running systems and Microservers to ensure that everything is working efficiently and without any issues. 

Benefits of AWS Managed Services

Cost Reduction: AWS managed cloud providers eliminate excessive costs and makes you pay only for the services you need, meaning the work done to deploy infrastructure and configure. The cost for setting up is one-time disbursement, where the pricing is flexible and scalable. 

Decreased Downtime: One of the major benefits of Amazon cloud managed services is that they ensure productivity and fast response to any error or issue. The downtime of a server impacts the revenue directly, so it is essential to ensure to keep it short. They are responsible for constant performance monitoring and maintaining the infrastructure. 

ScalabilityAWS offers excellent scalability opportunities. They ensure that the company has access to the best hardware and software resources to stay on the competitive side of the market. AWS managed database service grows as fast as the number of your clients.  

SecurityAWS architect ensures the stable and secure infrastructure for any app a company needs. AWS managed services API (Application Programming Interfaces) allows the implementation of the most advanced security measures to beat any viruses or malware that can cause problems to the system. 

Automated Backup & Updates: AWS managed services for small, medium, or large enterprises provides feasible updating and backup. All tasks are automated and are taken care of by the provider. 

Things to Consider While Choosing a Perfect AWS Managed Service Provider


While most Managed service providers charge enormously for the services they do not deliver, AWS providers maintain specific standards in bringing advanced services to their clients. A Cost-effective method is followed to keep your business running. 

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