Migrating from On-Premises to Office 365: Step-by-step Guide and Best Practices

In the United States, almost 500,000 companies have adopted to migrate from On-premises to Office 365 services. It’s definitely a crucial number! Now that companies have realized the importance of migrating their data from on-premises to Office 365, as they accommodate with perks that ensure your business with maximum profits. 

Before getting your hands on the migration process, you must be prepared for the pre-migration process, migration, and post-migration planning to not have a hazardous cloud migration from on-premises to Office 365 services.  

For that reason, this article is a smart choice for altering your cloud solutions with extensive and reliable Office 365 migration services.  

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What is Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft says, Microsoft Office 365 is our cloud-powered productivity platform with a subscription to the latest applications such as Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneDrive”. 

It is specially designed to help organizations or businesses with innovative applications and proficient cloud services that stand unique in the marketplace. 

Office 365 shifted its focus to being Microsoft 365 now, enhancing your business productivity and making it much more feasible to collaborate and communicate within your community or office space. 

Microsoft Office 365 services provide three different types of plans for the users, and they include Microsoft 365 for home plans, Microsoft 365 for business plans, Microsoft 365 for enterprise plans. 

Why do you need to Migrate to Office 365 Services?

Small and medium-sized enterprises concentrate more on migrating from on-premises to Office 365 services, as they are cost-efficient and productive at the same time. As SMBs follow their budget, Microsoft 365 migration services are reliable, and cost optimized. 

Mobility: Utilizing Microsoft 365 services and features, one can access the application any time & anywhere.
Real-time collaboration: OneDrive for business is an add-on because it allows the user to co-author the documents by also updating single files.
Comprehensive Solutions: Office 365 cloud migration solutions proffers the user or organizations with integrated tools and products.
Resiliency: With resilient services, you can access streamlined Microsoft Office 365 features with cloud access to emails, files, as well as applications. 

Step-by-Step Set Up of On-Premises to Office 365 Migration

We bring you these precise steps to fulfill your Office 365 migration process with much needed progress and utility. 

Step-1: Making the Mental Shift for Change: Migration to Microsoft Office 365 Services

Step-2: Purchase the best Microsoft Office 365 plans for your Organization’s Requirements

Step-3: Pre-Migration Check

Your migration journey resumes right after preparing a pre-migration checklist for the migration of Office 365 services. These migration inspections will help you assess your migration journey and create a separate migration strategy. 

Step-4: Migration to Microsoft Office 365 Services

Step-5: Effective utilization and additional business value

Why choose HexaCorp for On-Premises to Office 365 Migration Services?

HexaCorp helps you bolster your digital transformation and business performance with consolidated and integrated data security while migrating your data from on-premises to office 365 migration services. 

They provide efficient & effective Office 365 migration services for seamless transformative solutions and result-driven approaches. You can procure enigmatic Office 365 migration services with highly experienced experts with quality and security adherence. 

HexaCorp well-defined services include: 


On-premises to Office 365 migration might seem difficult, but it becomes easy and feasible when you follow the right steps and adopt the right resources that fit your business necessities. Migration to Office 365 enhances collaboration and updates real-time optimization automation. 

For more information, please visit www.hexcorp.com 

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