What if it is said that all your digital connections in the world are secure and protected? A similar question was asked to Microsoft a year ago and it has brought a game changer “Microsoft Entra Private Access” that secures every connection with Microsoft with no strings attached.  

It is said that it was the single question that inspired Microsoft to take the next step towards a tremendous digital journey of security and privacy. Protecting data and access is critical in today’s technology modernization as they are easily stalked by cyberattacks which have become frequent in recent years.  

This article on Microsoft Entra Private Access reveals entire information about how to use it and the ways it helps secure one’s identity and access. 

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Understanding Microsoft Entra Private Access

Key Benefits & Pre-Requisites of Microsoft Entra Private Access



How to Secure Access to all Private Apps with Microsoft Entra Private Access?

Modernize Private App Access with Identity-Centric ZTNA

Remote users can swiftly access private applications by easily connecting to them through any device and network. As a result, it eliminates the operational complexity and cost of legacy VPN preventing the lateral movement.  

Conditional Access Controls to Avoid Data Breaches

The users can discover, onboard, and group private applications automatically over any port and protocol. They can experience seamless and optimized local access by implementing per-app access controls based on conditional access policies. 

Improved Security with Granular App Segmentation

Granular app segments and micro app segments help users limit their threat interaction right at their process and device levels. Additionally, they control access to private applications within hybrid and multi-cloud environments, private networks, and data centers. 

Step-by-Step Process to Setup Microsoft Entra Private Access

Setting up Global Secure Access:

Connectors Configuration:

Enterprise Applications Creation:

Setting up Quick Access:

Installation of the Global Security Access Client:

Core Advantages of Microsoft Entra Private Access

Why Choose HexaCorp for Microsoft Entra Private Access?


When your target is to secure your identity and access to data and applications, you can choose zero trust access by Microsoft which protects your data from cyberattacks in all ways. Whether you are an SMB or an enterprise, data remains critical and cannot be taken for granted. To avoid sudden surprises and threats from cyberattacks, Microsoft Entra Private Access will be a great option.  

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