Azure Cost Optimization - Best Practices for Efficient Cloud Spend Management

Are you looking for the best Azure cost optimization services? Then, this article is for you!

To improve your organization, you might choose to adopt additional cloud resources that add extra cost and become a huge part of your organization’s budget.

But forget about all those additional cloud costs and expenditures, as Azure cost management best practices are here to take out all the cost burden with many feasible Azure cost optimized services. 

With Azure cost management, you can procure built-in pricing models that optimize and save costs. They provide you with tools and best practices of Azure cost management to help you visualize and manage costs efficiently.  

This article provides you with information on cost-saving options, which is an integral part of Azure’s pricing infrastructure and best practices for efficient Azure cost optimization. 

Step-by-Step Best Practices of Azure Cost Optimization

Explore different payment choices

Azure managed services provide various Azure cost optimization methods that include:

Pay-as-you-go method: Utilizing this method, you can launch virtual machines instantly whenever required. The pricing per hour of runtime is the most expensive, convenient, and flexible option. You can continue your instances with zero disturbances and interruptions. It does not require any upfront planning too.
Reserved: This option provides instances for about one or three years. It has discounts as good as 72% than on-demand pricing.
Spot: Utilizing this option, you can get spare Azure compute capacity for a 90% discounted price. The point is that Microsoft can terminate the spot option instantly or at any time based on the requirements and demand in the market. This works best for batch data processing.

Utilize Azure cost management tools

Azure cost management tools provide you with multiple benefits including optimizing costs and predicting spending.  

Azure pricing calculator: Prior to deploying workloads on Azure, this tool predicts the cost and expenditure involved in obtaining the services. You must use this calculator to experience multiple services and configurations to explore various Azure cost optimization services. 

Azure Cost Analysis: Utilize this tool once after running the workloads in Azure to understand the expenditure of the workloads. Additionally, the tool forecasts future expenditures based on the present configurations. 

Azure Budgets: This tool helps you configure budgets in the Azure portal related to cloud expenditure. It also allows setting up spending thresholds for Azure groups and alerts when thresholds are passes. 

Azure Budgets: This tool helps you configure budgets in the Azure portal related to cloud expenditure. It also allows setting up spending thresholds for Azure groups and alerts when thresholds are passes. 

Migrate workloads to containers

Choose to go serverless

Azure resource tagging

Key Takeaways from Azure Cost Optimization Best Practices

Azure cost optimization is not just about reducing costs but also to have a clear understanding of what to prioritize and invest to maximize results. 

Look for automated and end-to-end Azure cost visibility. There are several built-in tools to help you automate, scale, and report on cost data. 

  1. Application insights
  2. Azure log analytics
  3. Automated actions
  4. Azure dashboards & workbooks
  5. Automated actions
  6. Azure dashboards & workbooks
  7. Azure monitor metrics
  8. Change analysis

Set up Azure continuous monitoring and detect cost anomalies in real-time to avoid major and expensive problems. Also, identify the root cause and fix the problem to avoid budget overruns in the future. 

Automate Azure cloud cost management with Azure cost optimization tools that automates aggregation, analysis, and reporting processes. 

Understand the cloud cost and take up the services essential for your business accordingly. Know how much you need to charge for your required services and identify your resources using key-value pairs. 

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Understand your business and implement Azure cost optimization tools that support your organization with well-defined utilized resources. Set your priorities and check if those resources create an impact on the organization’s credibility. Choose to have rightsized resources that do not conflict with your budget at any time. 

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