Utilizing Power Automate to cut costs & Migrate from SharePoint On-Premises


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Our client is a financial company that has been using SharePoint on-premises and business process required to migrate SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Online. On-premises had multiple workflows and SharePoint Online migration was critical and costly. We had other plans for them.


In cleaning up AWS cloud storage system


Successful workflow creation using Power Automate


Business Optimization with enhanced Processes

The Challenge

Migration from On-Premises to SharePoint Online was high in cost

Though the business required change, SharePoint’s on-premises environment comprised multiple workflows. Migrating all the workflows to SharePoint Online was estimated to cost a lot, and spending so much would have not brought the expected results.

The Solution

Suggested Power Automate utilizing modern platform.

While the client thought that migrating to SharePoint Online would be great benefit for their business, our experts suggested to choose Power Automate for all their multiple workflows. Migration to other platforms including SharePoint Online would have not benefitted as it is costly and crossed the budget. So, they analyzed the situation and recreated workflows using Power Automate and optimized processes utilizing modern platform.

The Result

Cost-reduction & Optimized Processes

As a result, the workflows were successfully recreated saving huge costs, and process optimization with modern platform enhanced business productivity by controlling expenditure and exhibiting sophisticated results.


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