Maximize Potential with our Robust Tools and Integrated Power BI Technology.

Create quicker & impactful reports using next-generation Power tools with Copilot in Power BI service for incredible insights

HexaCorp’s Microsoft Power BI services centralize data in a secure hub. Our Power BI services are secure & standardized, allowing to create data sets from any data source. Feasibly create & access single source of data with our Power BI data hub.

Emphasize our custom Power BI implementation by centralized BI experts to improve, manage & maintain your organization’s power processes. Get a guided tour of our Power BI services to meet organization’s Power BI requirements.

Our Data-Driven Power BI Features Helps Uncover Actionable Insights
Make use of our Power Bi Service features to shift data into immediate impact with better decision-making

Get real-time data

Get real-time data from our Power BI services to gain favorable insights to make better decisions across organization. We provide up-to-the-minute insights with accurate findings.

Analyse data across your organisation

Seamlessly consolidate data from distinct resources to generate the most possible insights using our Microsoft Dataverse from Power BI services for business.

Gain insights, safely take action

Take our insights generously for required safe actions with unique insights from Power BI services.  Connect with our empowered applications for your business's best decision-making.

Your One-stop Solutions for Accurate Power BI Findings

Access our complete suite of Power BI solutions, consolidating powerful data insights to enhance business processes

  • Transform reporting with Copilot's AI tools integrated with Power BI for faster, impactful analysis and actionable insights.


    Discover seamless self-service and enterprise analytics with our Power BI implementation, featuring semantic models, ALM kit, and pixel-perfect paginated reports.

  • Leverage the combined power of Azure and Power BI for deeper insights and enhanced productivity. Connect, combine, and analyze data to gain a competitive edge.

  • Explore top-tier AI tools for comprehensive solutions. Build ML models, prep data, and gain insights from structured and unstructured data, including text and images.

  • Maximize publishing efficiency and content accuracy with our custom Power BI implementation. Identify differences and seamlessly transfer content to production using deployment pipelines.

  • Leverage our Power BI services to effortlessly connect Microsoft 365 data models, Excel queries, and reports to create dynamic dashboards.

  • Combine Power BI with Power Apps and Power Automate to effortlessly build business applications and automate workflows without complexity.

  • Gain insights from factory sensors to social media sources, accessing real-time analytics for enhanced decision-making.

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