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Team Size

500 +


12 months

Don’t halt your business with boring old technology solutions. We can serve you better!

The client has a massive load of 1500+ applications running in the Legacy Lotus Notes System. Due to bandwidth issues and a lack of flexibility, the applications and data need to be transferred to SharePoint for modern workloads. With old technology and poor usability, it was difficult for the client to run his business operations.


Seamless data and application migration


Cost optimization services and solutions


Customized migration approach & user experience

The Challenge

Poor user experience & limited integration capabilities

Managing data and 1500+ applications with an old technology platform was really a challenging task. Lotus Notes System does not compete with modern technologies anymore. Handling costs and expenditures for a poor user experience that had limited integration capabilities provided no business progress. So, the client wants to migrate applications and data to SharePoint for a better user experience and modern collaboration.

The Solution

Customized and designed a favorable migration approach

HexaCorp’s experts analyzed Lotus databases and applications to create and design a customized migration approach. They migrated Sites and data to SharePoint utilizing Tzunami Migration Tool. Applications were classified and customized for SharePoint migration. Even the Search feature in SharePoint online was personalized according to the client’s requirements to provide a better search experience.

The Result

Seamless migration with a much better user experience

The migration process with Tzunami Migration Tool was smooth and feasible. With cost-optimization, our experts provided completely customized services that the client required and expected. As a result, SharePoint migration provided flexible collaboration with modern technology solutions that today’s business seeks.

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