Uncategorized August 3, 2023

Crafting a true CV is an art! Are you certainly honest in presenting your CV? Well, everyone wants to present themselves as the best, but the question is, are you really the best for that job? According to a survey, 85% of applicants lie about their CVs. 

We know your CV is the basis for your job opportunity. Most of you are afraid of “Truth.” You perceive that revealing the truth about your experience, the gap within your career, and sometimes the profile that is not destined for you might bring you a bitter experience of not being selected for a job role. For instance, freelancing with no evidence misleads your overall experience. 

Understand the nuances of obtaining a job by submitting a true CV and a job by submitting a false CV. You might think it does not make any difference, but that’s not the case. Portraying basic communication skills as “excellent or good” will not work & is temporary. 

There are hidden consequences that might leave you legally barred from a company, or the company might confront challenges at any time by assigning you to a project that you have no adequate experience. Irrelevant project evidence to an irrelevant role will not place you in the right job.  

Have you ever thought about what honesty can bring you in return? 

Take a glance at these Truth & Lie scenarios, because facts are always different! 

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