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SMAC Services

Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud Services

Our SMAC services enable you to transform the way you do your business and deliver superior customer experience.


Social media monitoring offers everything from a barometer to the discussions about a topic or issue to some of the most agile high resolution audience profiling. Analytics and behavioral metrics are as good as what you do with the data gathered. Clear understanding of what is being measured and how to act on the insights is the backbone to many of our most successful projects.

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Mobile Development

In the current business environment mobile applications are being used extensively. HexaCorp help you on your mobile strategy. Mobile platforms are divided based on various mobile devices as well as the platforms. The key to achieving success is to partner with an expert that has expertise in various mobile platforms.

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To be successful in today’s competitive marketplace, organizations need to extend information beyond the organization and seamlessly interact with customers, partners & suppliers in real time. HexaCorp’s Business Intelligence (BI) Services enables organizations to transform valuable enterprise data into shared information for timely decisions at a lower total cost of ownership. Our innovative BI services focus on helping clients collect, analyze external & internal data to generate value for their organizations.

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HexaCorp has over a decade of extensive experience with SharePoint and its integration with the Office Suite of products. With Office 365 for business, HexaCorp can help you take your business to a new level, the cloud. Our team of experts will help you devise and execute on a strategy to upgrade, migrate and implement Office 365.

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