SharePoint Workflows

HexaCorp SharePoint solution experts have helped many customers implement sophisticated business process automation solutions using SharePoint workflows to achieve operational efficiencies

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SharePoint offers powerful solutions to automate and integrate complex business processes to avoid many of the errors, version conflicts, and duplications associated with doing the work manually. Multiple paper forms can be transformed into a single electronic version within SharePoint. Workflows are then established to guide the electronic form through the validation, review, and approval processes, which increases efficiency and improves the user’s ability to search for and track progress of requests.

HexaCorp solutions enable business stakeholders to own and manage process and workflow from a business and technical perspective with minimal involvement from IT. SharePoint applications can deliver several business advantages, including:

  • Enhanced information management.
  • Cost savings driven by efficiencies.
  • Improved business communications.

Our SharePoint workflow services run the gamut from strategy and product selection through complete design, implementation and ongoing support. A successful process management and workflow initiative brings countless benefits:

  • Reduce transactional and process costs.
  • Improve and streamline ongoing processes.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Support compliance initiatives.

Ensuring that new solutions integrate with existing platforms and products is also critical to a high ROI. HexaCorp’s BPM and Workflow solutions will deliver measurable results that justify financial investment.

The most efficient and least painful way to reduce operating costs is to automate as many routine processes as possible. Automation relieves knowledge workers from low-level, unchallenging, and repetitive tasks and makes them available for higher-level, more productive and more interesting work, which improve morale and your bottom line. HexaCorp helps clients identify processes suitable for automation and then puts the power of SharePoint’s automation tools to work. These include:

  • Defined Business Rules to govern all automated activities.
  • Application Integration to put data from one application to work in the next application until the entire job is done.
  • Use built-in collaborative workflow templates to streamline approval, review, and archiving processes.
  • Use workflow automation and alerts to link automated tasks seamlessly to tasks which still must be performed by people.
  • InfoPath forms, which collect and validate the data driving your workflows to assure greater accuracy and relevance from your data entry processes.
  • Forms delivery with a consistent user experience regardless of where they are used.
  • Initiate or set a workflow status directly from existing Microsoft Office applications, such as Microsoft Office Word 2007.
  • Compliance including digital signatures.
  • A collateral benefit of this effort is to subject an enterprise’s business process to review and likely improvement.
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