SharePoint Enterprise Taxonomy

HexaCorp Enterprise Taxonomy involves content classification, taxonomy management, governance and integration with content management and search solutions.

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Taxonomy is the classification of an organization’s data, information, content and expertise into a hierarchical structure. When keywords, concepts and categories are applied to organization content they are referred to as Metadata and become a powerful tool in making information work across the enterprise.

Consistency and efficiency are achieved when taxonomy is effectively integrated with content management, digital asset and search engines and portals systems. It creates a controlled vocabulary which makes information more accessible, easier to locate and ultimately, more valuable. We will work with you through the following steps of taxonomy strategy, content/ metadata audit and taxonomy framework. Our objective is to produce a taxonomy aligned with your business goals.

Taxonomy Strategy

A taxonomy strategy involves user interviews, observations, and process analysis. We help clients define requirements and achieve consensus on the approach to the taxonomy development project. We will also address longer term issues such as content classification, taxonomy management, governance and integration with content management or search solutions. Our holistic approach to taxonomy development ensures that your project aligns with the needs, culture, and technology of your organization.

Taxonomy Framework

We build a baseline foundation taxonomy framework by validating our work with key users, subject matter experts and stakeholders throughout the process. The end result is a validated taxonomy framework. We populate it with the terms that form the complete taxonomy. We examine the properties, relationships, and interdependencies of content and metadata, then extract the terms and concepts. Included in our assessment is:

  • Search Strategy.
  • Search Analytics and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Search and Taxonomy Integration.
  • The Challenge of Enterprise Search.

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