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HexaCorp develops enterprise search strategies with concrete and actionable steps to improve SharePoint search experience for your users.

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Many people expect enterprise search to work the same way as Google and Yahoo. They think enterprise search is a simple utility that can be plugged into a website or other application and will produce highly relevant results. The reality is that the internet is different than an enterprise. Corporate IT environments have grown much more complex. This makes search work inside the enterprise more complex and requires a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between content, metadata and taxonomy, in addition to the actual search applications.

Search Strategy

Developing a search strategy helps ensure that search is not a “bolt on” afterthought, but an integral part of information management. A search strategy provides you with a comprehensive roadmap for a search implementation project. It would require:

  • Definition of user and technical requirements.
  • Evaluation of content maturity.

HexaCorp develops search strategies along with concrete and actionable steps to improve search at your company. You can expect it to include:

  • Physical architecture.
  • Application Design and implementation.
  • Collection Design and Architecture.
  • Overall search experience.

Search Analytics

Search analytics provide you with meaningful statistics to help you understand what users think about search, which, in turn, provides insight into behavior. The demographic results helps clients understand and analyze what user’s search activities are telling you and how to use that information to satisfy them. HexaCorp’s search analytics advisory services provide clients with actionable information to improve the users search experience.

Microsoft SharePoint is often used as team tool. This can create often creates challenges in meeting enterprise goals for sharing knowledge. Many organizations often have multi-varied commitments to high-power search engines that cut across multiple content repositories, which can be configured to access Microsoft SharePoint documents. This can be remedied by paying appropriate attention to taxonomy and document tagging.

HexaCorp can help make all your distributed SharePoint documents accessible through a single enterprise search platform. With content spread across various sites, finding one specific asset or piece of information presents a huge challenge as well as significant costs for maintenance and configuration. We implement cross-site search capabilities, categorized results, and faceted search options that allow the end-user to quickly and easily find any resource.

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