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Compete with high-performing application technologies to stay foremost with Industry-specific Microsoft BizTalk services.

HexaCorp’s BizTalk implementation accelerates, supports, upgrades & migrates web applications & workloads to Microsoft Azure. As a proficient and supportive Gold Partner of Microsoft, we perform Microsoft certified BizTalk Development Services.

We have been BizTalk’s pals since 2004, rendering full-fledged & compatible Global Integration Projects. Our Microsoft BizTalk development experts collaborate with professional business teams to deliver successful & robust integration platforms leveraging a proven methodology.

  • BizTalk Monitoring
  • BizTalk Migration and Upgrade Services
  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • BizTalk Health Check
  • BizTalk Hosting
  • Security & Compliance

Enable Our Distinct Features in Yor Business Operations

HexaCorp’s Unique & Unified features exhibit best-in-class Microsoft BizTalk services with automation processes.

BizTalk installation and configuration 

Get an easy setup & installation for Microsoft BizTalk. HexaCorp’s BizTalk installation & configuration allows you to join the administrator’s group & enable Network DTC access & configure application event log which is entirely optional.

Custom software development and enhancement 

We underpin top-graded custom software development & enhancement services with Microsoft BizTalk implementation. Design, create, deploy & maintain the software for a specific set of organizations. We also create customized software development for stringent business operations.


Migration to our Microsoft BizTalk includes upgrades to latest versions of VS, OS & SQL. Our BizTalk server connects different components including external & internal. Our high-level view of upgrades process can be modernized according to the enterprise requirements.

Date migration 

By compiling solutions against .NET framework, build & deploy BizTalk services in the process of data migration from old BizTalk to New BizTalk services. We offer free BizTalk migration services with open-source command-line tools to simplify and automate migrations of BizTalk applications to Azure Integration Services.

Reporting and business intelligence

Reporting & business intelligence comes with advantages. HexaCorp offers Microsoft BizTalk development services to enhance the speed of workflow & utilize historical & real-time data with business intelligence reporting.

Ongoing support and monitoring

Continuous ongoing monitoring & support helps resolve various uncontrollable issues. We address your necessities by monitoring the program’s delivery, with ongoing training, on-the-job training & creating incentives & for trouble-shooting problems.

Key Features of HexaCorp’s Microsoft BizTalk Development Services

Prominent features of our Microsoft BizTalk Development Services characterize better support & supervision of business groups.

BizTalk Feature Image
Our Microsoft BizTalk services support newer platforms with automated platforms & connected integration environments. HexaCorp delivers unique & special service of excellence by optimizing mission-critical business processes.
Enabling analytics with our BizTalk services can’t be hectic. Track data & application insights by using instrumentation key to authenticate. You can check & enable group-level analytics & for the connection parameters.
Application lifestyle management can be feasible with Mainstream support phase, Extended support phase prioritizing upgrades. BizTalk server’s application lifecycle management makes it quicker & easier to deploy, manage & troubleshoot BizTalk business solutions.
APIs Management on BizTalk services means equalizing the efforts of placing the ability to design, publish & deploy APIs. Our BizTalk services keep APIs in a single zone. API management tools determine & interact with the use of policies.
We support BizTalk development services with adapters to enable feasible in & out text messages with a recognized standard of delivery mechanism. Using HexaCorp’s BizTalk adapters simplifies message transfer into or out of BizTalk Server.

BizTalk Implementation satisfies vast Industry needs

Out Automated BizTalk services quench your industry requirements with high-available resources.

Healthcare / Hospitals
Government & Non-Profit

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need BizTalk for my business?

Microsoft BizTalk Services make your business operations feasible & seamless. Monitoring, migrating, support & development services of BizTalk enable proficient services.

Is BizTalk service still being used?

BizTalk services still serve on-premises enterprise application integration. We enable monitoring processes & trading partners to perform business operations.

How Microsoft BizTalk & HexaCorp can help your business get ahead?

HexaCorp implements application integration & automated business processes via the BizTalk program. We help you create real goals by creating effective business processes, connecting diverse software & modifying processes.

Is it Possible to Migrate from the Existing BizTalk to HexaCorp?

Yes, get our experts’ assistance to migrate from existing BizTalk services to HexaCorp & implement best-in-class services for your business.

What are the Features Available in BizTalk services?

Our features of Microsoft BizTalk services include installation & configuration, custom software development & enhancement, upgrades, data migration & much more.

Signify & Revolutionize your Enterprise with HexaCorp

Get most of your answers with our team of Biz Talk experts with a serene approach & brisk results.

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