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Hortonworks with Hadoop

Big Data Solutions with Hortonworks Hadoop

Derive insights from your data and uncover new business possibilities to drive your organization forward.

Hortonworks with Hadoop

At HexaCorp we define Big Data as the influx of data generation and processing needs facing every modern enterprise today. We believe every enterprise can benefit from the insights in their data and from the best-practice handling of any sized data pioneered by industry leaders in ‘Big Data.’ Big Data is more a solutions strategy/perspective than hardware/software or licensing.

We specialize in developing end-to-end big data and NoSQL solutions ranging from data ingestion to data storage and data analysis that incorporates Data Architecture, ETL, Data Flows and Data Pipelines implementation and Analytic Solutions. HexaCorp brings leading edge big data solution implementation expertise across diverse industries and solutions including:

  • Data Warehousing – We configure Hadoop, a scalable, resilient and open-sourced solution to warehouse enterprise data.
  • ETL – We work with our clients to optimize the extraction, transformation and loading of Enterprise data from multiple data sources and environments.
  • Data Insights – We help you glean insights from your data by employing advanced analytics algorithms in Machine Learning and Regression. Recommendation engines, prediction engines & risk/fraud detection.

Our Big Data Practice provides leading edge solutions for our clients and is staffed with consultants that have hands-on expertise with the industry leading Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and the emerging Hortonworks Data Flow (HDF) Platform. Our experienced Big Data consultants provide the expertise needed to ensure the success of your Hortonworks Hadoop solution implementations from design and implementation through support. Our world-class team is Hortonworks Hadoop certified, providing you the confidence that you will be working with experts in all facets of an HDP solution.

Whether you need assistance and guidance with solution design, implementation or administration for your solutions we cover all facets of Hadoop implementation with expertise in the following technologies:

  • Pig/Hive – Integration and optimization of Pig and Hive to enable scalable and powerful data processing and analysis to gain insights into your data.
  • Flume, Kafka and Sqoop – We will design efficient and scalable data ingestion solutions into your Hadoop environment for a variety of data sources.
  • Spark – We specialize in utilizing the Spark technology to optimize in-memory processing and analysis of large data sets.

In order to create an operationally efficient Hadoop environment Administration is of critical importance. Our Hadoop Administrators provide the following benefits to your Big Data solutions:

  • Technical Architecture – Provisioning and Configuration of servers into Hadoop ready platforms.
  • Solution Optimization – Configuration of Hadoop solutions and projects/Machine settings to optimize Enterprise Data Warehousing, Processing and Utilization.
  • Data Security – Ensuring that Hadoop’s handling of confidential data adheres to your Enterprise’s authentication/authorization protocols, existing Identity Management Systems, and additional security requirements.

For more information and inquiries on understanding how our Big Data services capabilities can bring value to your organization.