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Urge towards business development with one-stop Dynamic 365 managed services as a primary platform for customer engagement, designing & processing operations.

HexaCorp nailed it! We strive to procure seamless scalable solutions by deploying Dynamic 365 service management & possess feasible solutions for digital transformations. Increase your CRM value by enabling significant business transformation services with our Microsoft Dynamics 365 services. Quicker resolutions with technical support team to enhance business performance utilizing the Microsoft Power Platform.

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  • Faster Resolution of Issues
  • Continuous Improvement
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Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Services


HexaCorp’s Impressive & Agile Features

Operational agility on standards & Business Automation on merit, HexaCorp’s Dynamic 365 managed services aims your goal.

Implementation & Integration

With strategic & careful planning, implement & integrate resources by streamlining day-to-day operations with Dynamics 365 management services. We provide effective solutions to help you with optimizing tasks & drive through business extension. Our team of experts will guide you to handle process changes & system operations.

Custom Enhancements

Simplify your custom enhancement by creating a custom column in Power Query Online, permitting users to specify the column’s data type. Users can modify when the custom is added. Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows custom enhancements to achieve your business modifications as required.

End-to-End Service

With Exceptional customer connections, we deliver end-to-end Dynamic 365 implementation services using outstanding & intelligent solutions. Creates a faster impact by breaking barriers & delivering more in less time. We accelerate business growth by optimizing operations across teams for better customer interactions.


Administration and Management

Intelligent & proactive multi-cloud services of HexaCorp inculcate proficient business applications to deliver predictive & AI-Driven insights. Your applications work seamlessly for a comprehensive solution to run complete business on cloud.
Meet your privacy & personal data requirements in compliance with GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation in Dynamic 365 managed services. Navigate your ever-changing business landscape encountering compliance obligations with powerful regulatory framework.
Deploy our on-premises Dynamic 365 managed services platform & utilize our three types of deployment for business operations. Administrators can enable or disable features in the applications for users with configuration keys.
For Secure, reliable & fast backup & data restoration, implement our Microsoft 365 dynamic services & take control of all-in-one disaster recovery. We provide disaster recovery for production environments of Dynamics 365 software as a service (SaaS) application.
Get ready to protect your business with secure access to all the users, smart devices & services worldwide. Our Dynamic 365 services provide secure adaptive access, seamless user experience, Unified Identity management & simplified identity governance.

Management of Security Operations

Manage your security incidents thoroughly & swiftly with Microsoft Dynamic 365 management services. Handle security incidents using accurate methods and technologies to minimize their potential impact.
Our Office 365 advanced threat detection comes as cloud-based email filtering service to protect your business from malware or viruses. We offer a unified platform for preventive protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation & response.
Automated threat mitigation exceeds your key performance indicators to decrease the risk with Dynamics 365 services. Gain access to a wide range of tools for the implementation of multi-phased successful projects.
Detect threats & halt them from threatening your business with Dynamics 365 security analytics. We provide perfect tools with appropriate experts handling SIEM & XDR to enhance efficiency of your business by having secure methodologies.
Managed endpoint protection helps you proactively detect life-threatening malware, virus ransomware, phishing, social engineering campaigns & threats that steal intellectual property or company assets. Get End-to-End secure services using Dynamics365 managed services.

Dynamic 365 Service Solution That Fits Your Needs

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does HexaCorp charge for Dynamics 365 managed services?

We are cost-effective & you can deploy dynamics 365 managed services at the lowest tiers at HexaCorp. Connect to our 24/7 support team to get the entire details of cost & managed services.

Can we customize HexaCorp’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Managed Services?

Of course! We are open to customization. You can personalize our Dynamics 365 managed services as per your business needs.

How is HexaCorp different from other Dynamics 365 managed services providers?

We are unique. With highly equipped expertise, we believe in handling any issues at a secure level of understanding of your business.

How long does it take to implement Dynamics 365 Managed Services?

HexaCorp’s Dynamics 365 implementation services are quick & as easy as gulping a cookie. Kickstart with our pre-determined implementation package having our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution live in as little as a week.

How do I backup my Microsoft Dynamics 365?

At HexaCorp, we initiate backup & restore options by browsing & signing into system administrator. We stipulate Dynamics 365 Disaster recovery plans with validated compliance & business continuity requirements.

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