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About Client:

A leading public transportation agency

Technology and Services:

Azure Platform and Service, Azure
Migration, VM, Blob Storage. App Service.
AWS platform and its services, AWS
Migration Evaluator, AWS Calculator,
Amazon VPC, Amazon Route53, Amazon
EC2, Amazon Lambda


Freight & Logistics Services, Transportation,

No of Users:

500+ Users

Project Duration:

5 Months

“HexaCorp is a rare find in the IT solutions industry, having what it takes to impress clients with its excellent service and ontime project delivery.”

– Head of Operations

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The client is an internationally recognized leader in supply chain management offering a wide range of supply chain management services tailored to meet the unique needs of today’s global businesses. They serve everything from worldwide sourcing and logistics management to transportation planning and execution, freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution, and much more.

The Challenge

  • The client is one of the most renowned organization in North America with Expertise and Experience to take on most supply chain challenges.
  • The client’s server environment consists of multiple sites running in VMware vSphere 6.7 hypervisor.
  • The requirement of the client is to get a Cloud feasibility and cost-benefit analysis report before migrating their 200+ servers and applications on-premise to the cloud.


To address the challenge in an effective way, HexaCorp has provided,

  • Auditing current infrastructure and calculating the existing cost for the client’s on premise total cost of ownership.
  • Cost assessment for a Cloud analysis including All migration costs such as Planning, Implementation, Maintenance, Five-Year Forecast, Backup & Disaster solutions, separate cost analysis for ERP solutions, Malware software programs, development, and training.
  • Identification of necessary and business-critical applications and/or data sets to migrate to the Cloud.
  • Cloud Services & Delivery of Services.


HexaCorp ensured Business Continuity with,

  • Detailed portfolio assessment (server right-sizing, pricing, TCO comparisons, migration cost analysis) for the multi-cloud vendor
  • Risk Assessment – Weigh the pros & cons of an on-premises vs private vs colocation vs public cloud-based infrastructure and assess the best fit service, and providers
  • Final recommendations – Overall recommendations and strategies of how/if to proceed to move to the Cloud, determine service availability, requires as well as
    the security, privacy, and compliance mandates the client must meet, which help the client to choose which cloud providers match their environment.

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