Migrate and Modernize the Data Cost-Effectively


  • Azure
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure web App
  • Azure Search Services


Leading Services Company

Team Size

50+ Users


6 months

“HexaCorp furnished us with value
powerful migration answers
and managed to address the statistics load
despite the fact that we were below a
tight deadline.”

– Operational Head

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The client is an American business services company specializing in customer engagement and business performance. They provide services to clients in the key industry verticals such as technology, consumer electronics, retail, travel, ecommerce, banking, financial services & insurance.

The Challenge

  • The client was paying a huge license cost for a sales contact information database that was used occasionally.
  • The client desired to migrate the application to a platform that could scale in response to demand.
  • The client wanted a scalable and efficient solution with cost-benefit analysis report.

The Solution

HexaCorp has offered the following in order to successfully handle the problems,

  • HexaCorp has migrated the sales database to Azure SQL Database and developed a web-based application that uses Azure search services.
  • Automation scripts have been configured to enable and disable services based on the timeline.
  • Provided with a custom web-based application effective in managing the sales data and services.

The Result

HexaCorp guaranteed business continuity by implementing,

  • The custom license settlement that will allow us to lessen our consumer’s liability via decreasing their license costs.
  • Highly available customized web Application.
  • With automation scripts, implemented the services that were enabled and disabled dynamically based on the usage.
  • Reduced license cost by regularly monitoring consumption and supplied reports on Application workloads and utilization of Cloud resources.

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