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Our client used legacy applications to create incident safety reports, as legacy apps are associated with different applications to create incident management reports, it was a great struggle for the business. So, they required a permanent solution with a scalable & reliable platform that can effectively manage incident reports.


Decreased Response Time


Reduced time for Root Cause Identification


Configuration for Better User Empowerment

The Challenge

Legacy applications for Incident Management were Tedious

The client confronted a major challenge in using legacy applications to create Incident management reports. They need a scalable and reliable environment/platform to manage the incident reports effectively as these legacy applications were tiring to manage.

The Solution

Implementing New Applications in Microsoft Technologies

We analyzed the scenario and implemented comprehensive applications using Microsoft technologies, and provided one common application for the Enterprise requirements. 90% configuration was done for better
Empowerment. Additionally, we implemented reporting modules with Dashboard capabilities for analysis.

The Result

Quick Implementation & Response Time

As a result, the client had a quick response time and improved communication. They met better compliance and regulatory requirements, and increased efficiency with better incident analysis.

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