Case Studies

Bots and Cognitive applications for a leading Utility Provider

Conversational Bot using Azure Bot service, that helped employees easily find compliance related information....

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Business Analytics Integration with SharePoint

Visually compelling business reports created from disparate data sources built on Power BI....

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CricketSocial Platform on AWS Cloud

Implementing a social application for cricket enthusiasts in AWS platform...

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Inventory Application Modernization With Azure

SaaS solution with multi-tenant database capability built using Azure services....

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Sales Business Application Migration to Azure

Critical business application developed .net and SQL was successfully migrated to Azure....

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SharePoint Infrastructure Migration to Azure for a leading auto paint manufacturer

Complete management of Azure Infrastructure comprising of 100+ resources....

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Pertinent Business Analytics

Business Data from disparate system was migrated to AWS analytics platform....

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Expert led Infrastructure migration to AWS

Business reports created using AWS QuickSight and embedded into SharePoint....

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Maintaining Social Platform Cloud Infrastructure

High availability, fault tolerance and secure infrastructure was setup in AWS....

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Scalable eCommerce Platform

eCommerce application hosted in AWS Kubernetes cluster....

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