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Biz Talk

Biz Talk

HexaCorp’s experienced and qualified BizTalk consultants increase value to customers in various domains like Healthcare, Social Networking, Education, Logistics and Insurance.

Microsoft BizTalk Server is one of the world’s most popular platform for application integration and automated business process management, communication with partners and information sharing in global logistics chain.

HexaCorp’s SharePoint implementations across various domains facilitate document and file management, social networks, Extranets, Web sites, enterprise search and business intelligence. We design and build enterprise productivity solutions that leverage SharePoint platform’s capabilities to improve the efficiencies of the company.

Our solutions are thoroughly customized based on best practice standards and patterns for each client. We integrate companies with their business partners using: Windows Azure BizTalk Services (WABS) is a simple, powerful and extensible cloud-based B2B integration service that brings BizTalk functionalities into the cloud, making them available to customers in a cost effective ‘as a service’ model. The solution was introduced to the market by Microsoft in November 2013. Taking advantage of BizTalk and Biztalk Services, distribution, logistics and manufacturing companies can easily speed up connecting their trading partners or suppliers to support revenue growth and at the same time lower their IT costs.