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Tackle volumes of data containing greater velocity with most innovative data processing software utilizing our Big Data Services.

HexaCorp lay its hands on high-performing data processing software solutions by constantly analyzing to produce more efficiency and develop Big Data services. With recent technological breakthroughs, we have decreased the cost of data storage allowing it to be feasible and less rigid to store large volumes of data than ever before.

Our Big Data Services are handled by a team of experts including insightful analysts, business users, and executives to recognize patterns & get your Big Data Services right.

  • Unified Data processing
  • ETL/ELT Integration with data sources
  • Dedicated Data Management
  • Well Planned migration
  • Customized approach to bring on-premises data to Cloud
  • Compliance Management

Accelerate Our Solitary Features for Successful Data Processing & Storage with Big Data Services

Analyze large data sets to reveal patterns of Big Data Analytics & realize our exquisite features to set our Big Data Services into your Business.

25+ Big Data solutions 

Our 25+ Big Data Solutions with High-performance infrastructure for cloud computing, data analytics & machine learning sets a platform for large miscellaneous high-speed data sets that are not easy to process with traditional data solutions.

6+ Years of Big Data& IOT experience 

HexaCorp has fueled tech growth with 6+ years of Big Data & IoT experience & crucial technological concepts of understanding Big Data Services. Make your customer information, tracking metrics & performance analysis legit realizing your business needs.

Insight, Knowledge & Intelligence 

HexaCorp’s chief & conceptual approach towards Big Data services combines multiple disciplines to get the best insight, knowledge & intelligence on workflow of business activities with illustrative data drawn by empirical methodologies.

Well-Distributed Big Data Migration Approach

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HexaCorp’s Prudent Features Emphasize Advanced Big Data Services

HexaCorp’s key features indulge in inculcating prominent Big Data Services for your intuitive business processes.

HexaCorp’s Data Warehousing collects historical data from various operations of your business using an ingenious architecture to organize data sets. Our Data Warehousing constructs integrated data supported by multiple sources of analytical reporting, structured and/or ad hoc queries, and decision-making.
For Big Data Implementation, HexaCorp incorporates distributed data management with In-memory Compute Processing. Our real-time services & streamlined processing establish connections between Data Sources & customers.
Data Mining in Big Data Services enhances decision-making with insights into data analysis & data mining techniques. Our data mining techniques assist in transforming piles of data with scalable & automated data processing tools.
Traditional approach to storing data does not create an impact on real-world metrics. Big Data services or analytics look to store the data in database software servers & increase the accuracy of data & confidentiality.
Structuring data processing & data pipeline streamlines the data processing tasks with an end to traditional Data Generation Processes & Data Storage. Our systematic approach to handling Big Data services ensures organizations effectively harness the power of data.
HexaCorp’s continuous integration or continuous development bestows an automated way of combining versions of code to validate the results. One can automatically test the changes & continually integrate before merging.
We follow a proficient process for extracting, transforming & loading the data management at HexaCorp with our stellar Big Data Services. Our ELT helps in data streamlining process with modern Data Warehousing & Big Data management.
Technology-enabled MDM data management manages the entire data in a single coherent system. HexaCorp’s MDM ensures streamlined data sharing across your business with an effective data integration strategy.
Migrate to Hybrid Data Governance to allow more flexibility for data deployment alternatives. Our Hybrid infrastructure provides balanced data processing solutions for businesses that benefit from public & private computing models.

Revolutionizing Big Data Services for Different Industries

Proffer well-designed & diverse Big Data Services for distinct industries that support Big Data Processing.

Healthcare / Hospitals
Public Sector
Government &


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the challenges faced while implementing Big Data Strategy?

A Few Big Data challenges include sharing & accessing data, Data privacy & security, Analytical & technical challenges. But, with well-architected Big Data Services companies like HexaCorp, any business can confront all the above in no time.

How do Big Data Analytics Services over the Cloud benefit data-intensive practices, such as Research & Analytics?

HexaCorp’s Big Data Analytics renders the most intensive data practices for your business. We build intelligent solutions for data-driven businesses with our Big Data Services.

How is big data analytics leveraged further with AI/Machine Learning?

Advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications grant access to databases to learn & produce insights on big data reports.

Why does your business need HexaCorp’s Big Data analytics services?

HexaCorp’s Big Data Analytics solutions enable you to set realistic goals for your business. We help you identify ideal demographics with analytics in distinct ways. We also help you in decision-making, enhancing content retention by improving advertising efforts & drives towards business growth.

What are the key features of Big Data Analytics?

HexaCorp’s Big Data Analytics services encompass analytical tools with great horizontal scalability & embedded results for real-time analytics.

Our key features include:

  • High Scalability
  • Data Wrangling & protection
  • Data Exploration
  • Simple data integration
  • Version Control
  • Data management

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