Cloud migration and modernization is a tough job! Yes, you heard us right! But the best cloud migration and modernization with Azure makes it feasible and seamless with hassle-free cloud solutions. Transforming your business to the cloud is necessary for this era as most cloud operations have grabbed customer-centric attention and upbringing profits.  

Mainframe modernization to cloud with Azure liberates many strangulated business performances. Over the last several years, we must admit the fact that cloud modernization has become a vital component of technology estates geared towards reducing costs, leveraging the industrial internet of things, visualizing operations, and delivering a quality customer experience.  

In this article, we drive you through insights into the Azure mainframe migration to cloud computing and cloud modernization that revolves around the business technology cloud performances in the simplest manner. 

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Overview of Azure Migration & Modernization Program

When the migration process can be complex, helping customers to mitigate cloud migration risks is the most crucial part of the business. In order to alleviate those risks and continue the cloud journey, the Azure migration & modernization program was designed to simplify the cloud modernization journey.  

During this engagement, Azure partners will provide expert guidance to execute infrastructure and database projects. It helps you set up the cloud environment and accelerate your customer’s cloud journey with the accurate mix of best practice resources, guidance, and expert assistance at every stage.  

Microsoft Azure migration app containerization tool provides templates that architect your applications and accelerate a seamless cloud modernization journey. 

The Cloud modernization and migration program of Azure provides you with a proven end-to-end approach for all your business requirements by optimizing costs and driving sustainable outcomes. 

Why do Businesses Choose the Azure Migration and Modernization Program?

The reason behind businesses choosing to opt for Azure migration and modernization program is to help customers accelerate their cloud journey with the exact path that suits their needs. Here are some key characteristics where acceleration becomes feasible: 

Enterprise-grade Infrastructure at low cost 

  • Make your business future-proof by migrating to enterprise-grade, highly resilient cloud infrastructure either for remote workforce productivity or On-demand scalability. 
  • This expansion includes 60+ global regions with multiple resiliency options with availability zones and affordable prices where other infrastructure costs five times more than Azure cloud modernization and migration program for Windows & SQL servers. 
  • Azure’s Automanage also enhances workload performance and uptime with simplified management of Windows Server and Linux. 
  • SQL Server IaaS extension from Azure cloud modernization program delivers automated management, backups, and patching for SQL Server VMs. 

Faster Innovation with a Completely Managed Platform      

  • Cloud modernization mainframe in Azure focuses on enabling customers to modernize their application portfolio to meet futuristic business demands.  
  • Customers can use a highly productive platform and PaaS services, forgetting operation burdens, by handling it to their MSP (Managed Service Partner). 
  • For instance, one can migrate their .NET and Java applications to Azure cloud Service and Azure Spring Cloud which includes built-in scalability and high availability.  
  • Customers are also given options to use Azure SQL to deliver up-to-date SQL in the cloud by keeping it fully compatible with SQL servers.  

Trusted Cloud Security 

Cloud security in Azure cloud modernization and migration program, helps customers count on Azure security to safeguard and protect data with a team of more than 3,500 global cybersecurity experts and over $1 Billion in cyber security investments. 

Hybrid Flexibility 

Azure’s hybrid cloud modernized solutions assist customers in managing environments that they have decided to migrate and modernize. The Azure architecture enables customers to consistently manage, secure and govern workloads that are sequenced to migrate later. 

Cloud Modernization & Migration to Azure Faster at Low Costs

Cloud modernization and migration inhibit low operational costs charging for the resources utilized and saving additional costs. Here’s the list of essential cost consideration factors for MS Azure cloud modernization & migration: 

  1. Cloud migration and modernization scope per server 
  2. Target application deployment options and timelines 
  3. Application migration readiness and lifespan to cover the scope of infrastructure, code and configuration changes. 
  4. Application complexities with their dependencies 
  5. Transferable data volume 
  6. Expansion of migration automation with software licensing cost. 

Step-1: Preparation – Create a Migration Plan

  • Firstly, get along with the planning process and check for the crucial members of the team before the process starts. Prepare Azure infrastructure and make sure all your functionalities are ready to migrate the applications.
  • The process includes verification of the permissions and creation of the Azure network on the cloud, along with other validations. Create a detailed plan for your migration evaluating the skillset of your organization.
  • Prepare the target applications or Virtual Machines for on-premises to Azure cloud migration as it would involve reviewing the operation system requirements for the destined infrastructure.
  • Evaluate the cost and expenditure of the migration from on-premises to Azure cloud by calculating the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This is a tool designed by Microsoft to calculate TCO based on your on-premises server infrastructure, databases, storage, and bandwidth.
  • Personalize the needs of your business with custom-made cloud strategies and cloud assessment tools that help in mapping out current applications and assist in ultimate migration processes.

Step-2: Replication

  • Application replication is the next process to perform after preparation to On-premises to Azure cloud migration. The applications are replicated to the desired locations without any external help of applications or workload framework changes.
  • There can be several approaches involved for application and VM replications. The Real-Time image is a standardized one that most of the organizations follow as it allows to migrate the applications while in the running process without any downtime.
  • Beyond that, several migration tools support Real-Time image by keeping the migration active for a long time and copying the initial workload to the target cloud location and then simultaneously performing an asynchronous replication.
  • While the replication process is active ensure all the connections and dependencies are keenly followed and taken care of by the expert teams.
  • Ensure database is accessible from the desired location for proper connectivity. These factors are mostly considered by several migration tools and support replication mitigating risks in the migration process of Azure.

Step-3: Testing

  • To regulate risks and failures, testing is the primary step to follow to ensure the intended migration process. There are few migration tools that support on-premises to Azure migration processes with testing to ensure problem-free migration without impacting the other operational services.
  • Some tools allow users to set up isolated environments to stimulate the production environments and enabling testing applications without impacting the existing workloads.
  • Users test the applications in isolated environments and swift to the production environment if all is set and ready to go.

Step-4: Optimization

  • After the whole migration process, optimizing the resource utilization and performance is important to gain maximum returns. Optimization helps in saving costs and enhancing performance.
  • Microsoft Azure offers Cost management and billing services to identify trends and raise alerts for possible inefficiencies and provide recommendations for VM instances.

New Support Scenarios of Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP)

Azure cloud migration and modernization program assists customers in unlocking the benefits with accurate guidance from experts and best practices in their cloud journey. The motive of AMMP is to serve the requirements of customers for cloud modernization and migration throughout their cloud infrastructure, applications, and data estate. 

Here are the latest support scenarios in AMMP driven by customer requests: 


  • Microsoft Azure is expanding their AMMP to aid customers plan and migrating SAP environments to Azure which includes SAP lift-and-shift and SAP HANA deployments. 
  • Azure cloud modernization and migration program accelerates transformation to the cloud with skilling and fast-tracking resources with specialized partners. They together ensure a smooth migration, risk mitigation, and cost reduction. 
  • Customers not only can reach the project deadline but also realize the efficiencies that would have not otherwise been on-premises.  


Application modernization can be done in two areas especially Azure Red Hat Open Shift and Cloud-Native applications. 

Azure Red Hat Open Shift:  

  • Customers are now allowed to migrate their Red Hat OpenShift environments to Azure as part of their application modernization initiatives. When digital transformation becomes the key component to adopting the operational and cost efficiencies of cloud services frequently, enabling this shift is a critical key factor for Red Hat. 
  • Azure Red Hat OpenShift is a part of the Azure Migration and Modernization Program intended and designed for partners as well as customers to assist with quicker access to the required tools and expertise.  

They also procure advancing transformation strategies, right from cloud application modernization to workload migration. 

Cloud-Native apps: 

Cloud-native applications help customers utilize common application patterns such as serverless, microservices architectures, and containers. 

Hybrid and Security 

  • As hybrid flexibility, and enhanced security are key factors postured often by the customers, cloud modernization & migration with Azure help deploy Azure Arc to their workloads that aren’t planned or ready to migrate. 
  • Customers and partners are allowed to consistently manage their workloads across cloud and on-premises environments by focusing on security with cloud modernization in Azure along with deployment assistance for services like Azure Security Center and Azure Defender. 

Enhanced Migration and Modernization Tools and Product Capabilities

  • While Azure Migrate stays the central hub to assess, modernize, migrate, and discover applications, databases, and infrastructure to Azure cloud migration services, it recently featured App containerization tool expansion to include Azure App Service as a deployment target in addition to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). 
  • The above tool embarks on cloud-centric business transformation to support agile, operational efficiency, and app modernization and helps accelerate application modernization as you migrate applications to Azure. 
  • With reliable flexibility to choose from a variety of hosting options for your applications spanning the spectrum of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), containers-as-a-service (CaaS), and serverless, Azure offers help in solving business technical issues. 
  • Azure app services are considered to be the best purpose-built platform to run web-based applications. Deployment of container applications allows application owners and IT decision-makers to realize consistent, repeatable, and reliable deployments across environments.   
  • The advantages of the App containerization tool include enhanced infrastructure utilization and standardization of management practices.  

HexaCorp's One-stop Solutions for Azure Migration and Modernization Program?

HexaCorp’s cloud modernization and migration in Azure assist you with a flexible, secure & private approach. HexaCorp’s Azure managed services support an in-place migration feature that allows any cloud provider to migrate to our HexaCorp services. 

You’re welcome to receive one-stop cloud modernization services with the best-suited configuration as per your requirements. Utilize HexaCorp’s pay-as-you-go model to instantly subscribe with no up-front commitments.  

Through advanced data management and protection tools, HexaCorp helps you manage resources seamlessly and feasibly with consistent management, governance, and control across the cloud and on-premises resources. 


To simplify your cloud modernization and migration journey, Azure migration and modernization program paves way for best cloud practices and solutions. With enhanced cloud applications and tools, make your migration and modernization of cloud scalable, and flexible targeting your business goals. Try to find your best partner or managed service provider to help your business with entire cloud needs. 

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