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HexaCorp can help you harness the power of Social Media such as Yammer with your Business Systems to improve collaboration and communication.


Social media monitoring offers everything from a barometer to the discussions about a topic or issue to some of the most agile high resolution audience profiling. Analytics and behavioral metrics are as good as what you do with the data gathered. Clear understanding of what is being measured and how to act on the insights is the backbone to many of our most successful projects.

HexaCorp offers a full range of lab and field based user testing. We strongly encourage its inclusion in all our projects as a key success factor of the early and post launch stages of a digital product lifecycle. Understanding user response provides a profoundly rich source of insight and direction to ensure your success. Our testing services include observational, scripted, eye-tracking and group tests.

Developing a clear and measureable strategy drawing on the experience of users, your employees and partners can realize is the key to success. We combine research and consultation to develop real world digital strategies which are actionable and measurable.

We believe grabbing an audience’s attention and maintaining the stakeholder involvement requires a well times and relevant social networking model. We believe it’s important to share the strategy effectively and to bring your audience along on the journey. We analyze group findings, context and feedback in coherent subject areas, widen the digital strategy and measure it throughout its lifecycle.